Why Do Search Ad Extensions Matter?

Google has been releasing Ad extensions in recent years. Ad extensions can be used to enhance the user experience of the search results page. The main reason why Search Ad extensions matter is that they can help increase the CTR of your ads. They can also be used to show more information about a result, such as the price of an item or how many people bought a particular product.

What are Google Ads Automated Extensions?

In addition to Ad Extensions, Google also allows users to create their own Custom Automated Extensions (CASE). A CASE is essentially a program that automates some processes on the Google Ads platform. This can be done through the use of various API functions provided by Google. Google provides a large number of APIs to help its clients do various tasks.

For example, Google provides APIs for showing Ad Extensions, displaying ads, calculating data, and much more. All of these APIs allow developers to automate different processes. Google allows its clients to customize their APIs to meet their business needs. However, Google only allows the use of their API within the bounds of the Search Ads platform.

How do Ad Extensions Work?

When a user search query triggers your ad, Google Ads will take the keywords in the user query and match them against your ads. If there is a keyword in the user query, then Google Ads will place your ad on the search results page.

Google Ads also provides the ability to display different types of ads based on the keywords present in the user query. These ads can include anything from image-based ads to text-based ads. Google allows its users to customize these ads through the use of ad extensions.

Benefits of Ad Extensions

Benefits of Ad Extensions

These extensions provide a lot of benefits to advertisers.

  • Ad extensions can increase click-through rates. A lot of people have been using ad extensions to improve their conversion rate. Ad extensions can increase conversions by 30-50%. 
  • Ad extensions can be used to display other information to the users besides just displaying a text ad. It can be displayed on top of the search results page. This means that they can be placed over the standard text ad. 
  • Maximizing Click-Through Rates (CTR)
  • Improved Ad Rank and Visibility
  • Better quality Ad copy

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Types of Search Ad Extensions

The most popular types of search Ad extensions include:

Sitelink Extension

Sitelink Extension

Sitelink extensions provide extra links below your main ad, directing users to specific pages on your website. For instance, if you’re advertising a travel agency, your site links could lead to pages about vacation packages, flight bookings, and travel insurance.

Callout Extension

Callout extensions allow you to showcase specific features of your products or services. These short snippets of text appear below your ad and can highlight promotions, free shipping, 24/7 customer support, and more.

Structured Snippet Extension

Structured Snippet Extension is a Google AdWords extension that allows you to include snippets of HTML content in your ads. This allows you to create a more engaging ad. Structured snippets offer a chance to display various aspects of your products or services. These could include product categories, service types, or specific brands you offer. 

Call Extension

Call Extension

Another popular type of search ad extension is the callout extension. Call extensions are essential for businesses that want to encourage phone calls. By including a phone number in your ad, users can easily get in touch with you directly from the search results page. If you’re using a phone number in your ad, it’s important that you have a toll-free or local number available.

Location Extension

Location Extension allows you to specify the geographic location of your business. This can be helpful for customers who are trying to find a store in another state. For example, a company might advertise that they have a store in North Carolina.

Price Extension

Let you set a price for your product or service. It allows you to quickly display how much your product or service costs to prospective customers. You may want to use a price extension if you are selling products or services that have different prices. For instance, you could include a price extension that displays the cost of an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Air.


In the highly competitive world of online advertising, every click counts. Search ad extensions are a powerful tool that can make a significant difference in the performance of your campaigns. By enhancing your ad’s visibility, relevance, and engagement, ad extensions have the potential to drive more traffic and conversions, leading to a healthier bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Search Ad Extensions Matter?

Because Google has been making changes to its algorithm, publishers have been searching for new ways to increase their traffic. One of the best things they can do is add ad extensions to their websites.

Do ad extensions impact ad rank?

Yes, ad extensions do impact ad rank. Ad extensions provide additional information and context to your ads, making them more relevant and useful to users. Google’s ad rank formula considers the expected click-through rate, ad relevance, landing page experience, and the ad extensions you use.

Can I add multiple extensions to a single ad?

Yes, you can incorporate several extensions into a single ad. However, ensure they are all relevant and contribute to the ad’s overall message.