How to Get a Refund on Shein Without Returning?

Online shopping has become increasingly popular, and Shein is a well-known platform for fashion enthusiasts to find trendy and affordable clothing. However, there may be instances where you wish to get a refund on a Shein purchase without having to go through the hassle of returning the items. Fortunately, Shein does offer the option for returnless refunds, but there are specific criteria you need to meet to qualify for this. In this guide, we’ll explore these criteria, offer some tips on how to increase your chances of obtaining a refund without returning the item, and provide details on the refund process.

Criteria for a Shein Returnless Refund

To qualify for a returnless refund on Shein, your return request must meet certain criteria. While not all of these criteria need to be met, having one or more in your favor can increase your chances of getting a refund without returning the item:

The Item Is Low Cost

The cost of the item plays a crucial role in Shein’s decision to grant a returnless refund. Shein typically offers returnless refunds for low-cost items (typically $10 or less). This is primarily based on economic considerations, as the cost of shipping, inspecting, processing returns, and relisting items for sale may not be financially justified for low-value items. By granting returnless refunds for these items, Shein saves money and builds goodwill with customers.

The Item Is Expensive to Ship Back

Shein is more likely to provide a returnless refund when the cost of shipping the item back is higher. Shipping costs are determined by the weight and volume of the item. Larger and heavier items are more expensive to return, making it economically beneficial for Shein to offer a refund without requiring the return.

Few Other Shipments From Your Area

Shein can save on return costs by bundling shipments together. If there are multiple returns from your area, they may require you to return the item, as shipping costs can be reduced when combined with other returns. However, the price of the product can also influence this decision.

The Product Isn’t Exempt from Returns

Certain items are not eligible for returns, such as accessories, bodysuits, cosmetics, customized products, free gifts, lingerie, pet products, and underwear. It’s essential to ensure that the item you want a returnless refund for does not fall into these categories.

Avoid Returning Multiple Items at Once

If you only need to return one item from your order, you’re more likely to be granted a returnless refund. Even if you’ve ordered multiple low-cost items, Shein may advise returning all of them since they can be shipped together in one package.

The Item Arrived Damaged

If your item arrives damaged, you’re more likely to receive a returnless refund. However, you may need to contact Shein’s customer service to have this arranged. Shein may not require the damaged item to be returned if they cannot resell it.

Avoid Abusing the Returnless Refund Feature

Shein may refuse to issue returnless refunds if they believe you’re abusing this feature to obtain free items. Avoid repeatedly requesting refunds without returning items, as it can negatively affect your eligibility for future returnless refunds.

How Long Does the Refund Process Take?

Once Shein approves a returnless refund, you can expect to receive your money back within a specific timeframe. In most cases, the refund will be returned to your original payment method or Shein wallet within 3-5 business days. However, depending on the payment method used, it may take up to a week in some cases.

If Shein requires you to return the items, the process will take significantly longer. The items must be shipped back to Shein, and it will take up to 5-7 business days for the return to be processed and your refund to be approved or denied. Please note that these timeframes are approximate and can vary.

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Can I request a returnless refund for an item that is more expensive than $10?

While it’s not impossible to request a returnless refund for items over $10, it’s less likely to be approved. Shein is more inclined to grant returnless refunds for low-cost items due to economic considerations.

What if I need to return multiple items from the same order?

If you need to return multiple items from the same order, consider returning them all together, as this may be more cost-effective for Shein. Separate return requests may result in a $7.99 fee for each return.

How do I contact Shein’s customer service regarding damaged items?

If your item arrives damaged, you should contact Shein’s customer support within 24 hours of receiving the item. You can reach out to them through the Shein website.

What should I do if I suspect my item is damaged, but I don’t want to damage it intentionally?

If you suspect your item is damaged but don’t want to risk not receiving a refund, contact Shein’s customer service to discuss the issue and assess whether a returnless refund is possible.


Getting a refund from Shein without returning the item is possible if your return request meets specific criteria. Factors like low item cost, expensive return shipping, and other economic considerations can work in your favor. Remember that abusing the returnless refund feature can affect your eligibility, so use it responsibly. Once your refund is approved, you can expect to receive your money within 3-5 business days. Obtaining a returnless refund not only allows you to keep the item but also ensures a quicker refund process. Happy shopping!

Table: Criteria for Shein Returnless Refund

The Item Is Low CostShein is more likely to offer returnless refunds for items under $10.
The Item Is Expensive to Ship BackHigher shipping costs for returning the item can lead to a returnless refund.
Few Other Shipments From Your AreaShein may require a return if bundling shipments together can save on shipping costs.
The Product Isn’t Exempt from ReturnsEnsure the item is eligible for returns, as some product categories are non-returnable.
Avoid Returning Multiple Items at OnceRequest a return for one item at a time to increase the chances of a returnless refund.
The Item Arrived DamagedItems that arrive damaged are more likely to qualify for a returnless refund.
Avoid Abusing the Returnless Refund FeatureRepeatedly requesting returnless refunds without returning items can affect your eligibility.

This blog post provides essential insights into obtaining a refund on Shein without the need to return the item, from meeting specific criteria to understanding the refund process. Shopping smartly on Shein can save you time and money while ensuring a hassle-free experience.